Hocus Pocus

Magical voodoo witch tunes. 



Vinyl Vixen No 2: The Dutchess

The ultimate vinyl vixen of style is 'The Duchess'. She makes me want to get up on stage in a lurex catsuit, mules and rip some good old rhythm and blues. What a lady!
The best dressed R'n' B duo around

Check out The Duchess in action as she shreds it in style on this Bo Diddley classic.


Grainger Hunt

Looking at this guy, you'd never assume he made roaring rhythm and blues. True, he is now a biologist and left the music scene decades ago but Grainger Hunt graced us with these sweet sweet tunes and gee am I thankful for it! 

A growling R&B swinger that has never made the biblical story sound so cool. 

Chuck Berry/ Bo Diddley vibes here!
It's one of those songs where I think I could listen to it endlessly on repeat 
Soooo gooood!



Johnny, Johnnie and Terry

Smooth rhythm and blues popcorn tunes from John's, Johnny's, Johnson's and the fabulous Terry Timmons.



Latin and Mexican mix of rock, jazz and soul.