Easter Parade

With Easter only a few days  away I thought I'd share my absolute favourite Easter film that has now become a yearly watching ritual, the fantastic 'Easter Parade'(1948). This wonderful film see's the pairing of musical legends Fred Astaire and Judy Garland, as broadway star Don Hewes and bumbling chorus girl Hannah Brown. Don attempts to turn Hannah into his new musical partner after being jilted by his previous companion. Drama and unrequited love ensues, whilst knocking out great Irving Berlin numbers. 

One of my favourites musical gals Anne Miller also stars as Don's former partner, performing "Shakin' The Blues Away" with classic tap groove and sex appeal. Astaire performs with his usual suave and rhythmic flair, flaunting his tap style in the spectacular "Drum Crazy". It's also great to see Garland in a more comedic light as she humorously performs " A Couple of Swells" with Astaire, in ridiculous vagabond garb. 

I remember when watching the film for the first time many years ago I nearly had a heart attack when Peter Lawford's character surprises Ann Miller, by drawing a pug puppy from his top hat as a gift. As a pug lover this was pretty much a dream! Suave guys handing you pug puppies from their top hats. How perfect!