Vinyl Vixen No.1: Bobbie Gentry

Welcome to ‘Vinyl Vixens’ a new segment I'm starting that covers some of my favourite female musicians. I'm kicking things off with one of my absolute favourites the fabulous Bobbie Gentry.

This bouffant Southern beauty composes blue infused country rock, drawing upon her Mississippi upbringing to create visually rich and autobiographical lyrics. Composed with funky rhythms and breathy strings, Gentry easily moves from country rock to whispering serenades. 

 Not only is her music ace, but her style is magic! Flares, pantsuits, crop tops are always worn with a volumous bouffant hairstyle, framing her wickedly doll like eyes. I've always thought she should have more recognition, as there is so much more to her than ‘Ode to Billy Joel’. There’s no denying it’s a great song, but Gentry produced many more golden tunes.

 She dropped out of the limelight in the late 70’s and has not been heard from since, besides a rare phone call to Rich Hall of Fame records. She would be someone fascinating to track down!

Here are my top 5 Bobbie Gentry songs

1. He Made A Woman Out Of Me

Those first notes are so damn sexy! Great lyrics and a smooth horn section make this song gold. I prefer it over the Bettye Lavette version, as the rhythm is smooth and delicious.

2. Big Boss Man

What a version! I love how the song starts and you think it's going to be some sappy stringed serenade, then next minute the harmonica rings out and the drums start and it becomes something bluesy and soulful. 

3. Fancy

Trust me this song becomes catchy! I first heard it and thought it was alright, then next second it was probably the only song I listened to for a month straight. The lyrical imagery is just fantastic with killer lines like 'watching a roach crawling across the toe of my high heel shoes'. 

4. Reunion

I can honestly say that I've spent a good amount of time figuring out the clap pattern to this song so I can join in. It's so campy and silly, but I love the rhythm and the conversational lyrics. I can't not sing along and do the all the character voices. It was also great when they had it in Fargo season 2.

5. Parchman Farm

I love Mose, but this version is so just so smooth and funky.