Vernon Harrell

got a slick chick. 
a nick chick 
She's what makes me tick 
My, my
Clickity, click, a slick chick" 

Oh man! What a song! I stumbled across it the other day and have been hooked since.  Groovy lyrics and Hammond heavy rhythm. What a find!
When a song is this good I always want more and soon uncovered some other good tunes from Mr Vernon Harrell. 

Slick Chick
Harrell was predominately a song writer, partnering with former member of The Cadillacs, J. R. Bailey on a number of great R & B hits for Chuck Woods and The Platters. As a singer, Harrell was Billy Guy's replacement in The Coasters  for a period during the 1960's however he never recorded with the group and was later replaced. Pursing his own singer career, Harrell sporadically recorded his own work in-between writing for others, producing singles throughout the 60's and 70's. He also occasionally wrote and recorded under the name Keidar Syenon, covering Ray Charles and Van Morrison in 1972.  

'If This Ain't Love" ( No Cows in Texas) (1966)
I dig this song! It's groovy beat is on point and I just love the chorus " If this ain't love, ain't no cows in Texas" . It's such a a bizarre idiom, but I love it!

Your Love (1966)
A bit campy but it's got that Northern Soul style  going for it. It also has a nice little guitar solo in it that gives it some flair. 

A Man Had Got To Cry Sometimes (1966)
This song has got a real Otis flavour to it. Really soulful and smooth.